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VAIO® A12 quality tests

In addition to the regular tests that all VAIO models go through, VAIO A12 PCs undergo model-specific durability tests to ensure their quality. The endurance and robustness of this business laptop are guaranteed by a suite of tests that simulate everyday-use conditions that may be dangerous and damaging to the device.

Tablet twisting test

Thin and lightweight tablet is robust as a laptop
The 7.4mm ultra-thin tablet serves as a display and is normally seen as a fragile part that cannot withstand pressure like an ordinary clamshell laptop. To test the endurance of the device, three of the four corners are affixed and the testing machine applies pressure on the remaining corner. The rigorous torture test makes sure the device can survive sudden and extreme compression during transportation and travel.

Hinge durability test

Durable hinge that survives repeated opening and closing
Opening and closing the lid are evitable every time when using a laptop, and it demands high standards of the hinge that connects the LCD display and the keyboard base. VAIO tests the hinge’s durability by repeatedly opening and closing the lid for the number of times that equals years of the open-and-closed cycles, ensuring the hinge is sturdy and enduring.

The pen bend test

Withstand compression when the lid is closed with a pen caught in between
The pen bend test simulates the scenario when a pen is caught between the screen and keyboard when the user is trying to close the lid. In the test, a plastic cylindrical stick (10mm in diameter) is placed between the laptop’s screen and keyboard while the lid is forced closed. Two tests are carried out on the two sides of the device to anticipate all possible damages. Durability of the display, chassis and other hardware is enhanced based on the test results to prevent accidental damages to the device during usage.

Stabilizer Flap pressure test

Reliable Stabilizer Flap that provides secure support for the screen
Made of processed magnesium alloy that provides extraordinary strength, the Stabilizer Flap that supports the screen is only 1mm thick. The pressure test is designed to examine the robustness of the Flip and ensures that the Flip does not break or deform under pressure.

LCD display flexibility test

A screen that doesn’t crack, break, or detach from the hinge when opened beyond limit.
As a component that secures the detachable tablet, the hinge plays a crucial part in the device’s functionality. The test is carried out in laptop mode while the screen is open to 180 degrees – an angle that is beyond the limit of the hinge, making sure the display does not crack, break, or fall out from the hinge.

LCD display scratch test

Durable and scratch-resistant tempered glass
AGC's DragontrailTM Pro tempered glass protects the detachable display in tablet mode. The tempered glass remains scratch-free when the surface is rigorously scratched with a chisel during the test.

Keyboard spill test

The keyboard keeps liquid away even when spilled on by a drink
Liquid is the nemesis of electronic products, and PCs are no exception. Thanks to the slanting angle, keyboard structure as well as the hinge design, the device effectively keeps water away and prevents liquid from seeping through cracks. In the spill test, 150cc of water is poured over the keyboard with the device turned on. The laptop is able to function normally for a period sufficient to complete data storage.
※In the event of a splash, visit the nearest VAIO designated repair center immediately for inspection or repair.
※The anti-spill feature is limited to splashes on the surface of the keyboard and is not applicable to water damage due to water seeping through air vents and ports.

Tablet detachment test

Smooth docking experience that everyone can feel
Everyone has different habits detaching the display from the keyboard base. Technicians at VAIO, therefore, test the device by detaching the screen from various angles and with different strengths, making sure a smooth and pleasant docking experience for every user.



※ Quality tests are carried out in specific environments based on VAIO’s regulations. The product’s quality tests do not guarantee that it is free from any damage or malfunction, nor do they guarantee the safety of the data in the SSD.


* General quality control testing is applicable to VAIO S11, VAIO S13, VAIO A12 and VAIO SX14 only.

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